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What is Food Sensitivity?

It’s all about Digestion. When the body can’t properly digest a particular food item, the protein from the food is undissolved, and thus enters the blood stream in this state.
The body’s natural response triggers an immune system reaction. This is known as food sensitivity.

Food Sensitivity & Immune System Reaction

In a healthy body, with normal metabolism, the proteins are extracted into amino acids. The immune system recognises these amino acids but does not respond to them. In the case of someone who has food sensitivity, (usually occurs as a result of enzyme deficiencies or other health related issues), if the proteins enter the bloodstream undissolved, the body is instantly under the impression that these proteins are attacking the body. The immune system produces IgG antibodies in reaction to fight the proteins, this causes inflammation and various negative symptoms.

The Vicious Cycle

As most people are unaware of their intolerances, they continue to consume these foods regularly, their metabolism enters a vicious cycle of trying to process these foods and fighting the proteins with antibodies. Greater inflammation triggers more proteins to enter the bloodstream, and the more proteins there are present, the more inflammation occurs. By identifying and eliminating these problem foods from one’s diet, they are then able to give time for the body to recover.

Common Food Symptoms


How Can I Learn My Food Sensitivities?

Without a reliable test, it is almost impossible to identify which foods or drinks are causing the sensitivity reaction. Many institutions are still encouraging people to use diary and best-guess methods to identify and eliminate suspect foods. This can be an overwhelming process and not very effective.


To really know what foods you are sensitive to, and you are sensitive to something, the best way to begin that journey is to take a food sensitivity test. This is going to be a jumping off point to finding out just what works for, or against your body’s particular digestion process.


However “Food Intolerance Test” is a very common term and used for various methods. It is very important to know which is a reliable and scientific test that will give you precise results.

This diagram shows how different body systems can be affected when intestinal permeability, also known as a ‘leaky gut’, is not repaired and people continue eating food that causes inflammatory reactions in the body.
People often tend to avoid food to which their body reacts, but many are unaware of their intolerances, as they consume these foods on a regular basis. Symptoms of a reaction can take up to 72 hours to appear after consumption, this makes it even more difficult to pin point exactly which food is causing them to react.

Your Body Has a Lot to Tell You
Now you can finally start discovering ...


by testing yourself, you can see what foods your 
body likes and dislikes