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After The Test 

As soon as we receive your blood sample, we’ll let you know with a confirmation email. From hereon, we want you to relax and our testing process testing begins. To find out more about the testing process click here

We aim to return your results within 7–10 working days, and we are proud to say we’re usually faster than this.


Eliminating Problem Foods from your Diet

Your Test Results are given back to you by way of a clear report that highlights your intolerances in a simple, easy to understand format.​

You’ll get a full breakdown explaining all of the items that your blood has and has not shown a reaction towards. The results will suggest what foods/items you should try to avoid for any discomfort such as bloating, headaches, nausea, digestive problems or any other symptoms that you may be experiencing.


5 days a week support

For a fast, reliable and convenient home test service, look no further than

Our professional service provides assistance every step of the way from placing your order, to receiving your test results.

We ensure that we can help you change your life.  An allergy or intolerance test from us is the start to a new, brighter future putting your health at the front.