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What our customers are saying.

We’re lucky enough to have completed over 5,000 tests to date and with that, we have heard about some great positive results from our customers. Below we have featured a selection of positive discoveries where lives have been changed for the better.

K Sandhu

The test was really easy to do and my results came quite quickly ... very happy

K SIngh

Very happy with the test ... I received a lot of information about what foods I need to cut out

I Patel

Excellent service ...  The team are very friendly, helpful and knowledgable ... highly recommended. 

P Addison

This test has helped me to improve my  gut health greatly. By cutting out the highlighted items, I've started my road to recovery.

J Farmer

A quick and easy experience. I just waited for the sample, posted it back and received my results in 5 days.

O Oladipo

I showed my results to my GP and even she was impressed with the report. Very happy overall.

A Ahmed

I think we should all do a test like this, its a real insight into our body's preferences. Its so good that I've had all of my family tested!

N Choudhury

My test identified things that I kind of suspected but also showed up a whole lot more ... I feel more assured and can start planning now.

J Spencer

Very informative results. Easy to read and understand. Like the fact that I received a colour printed copy as well as an email copy. 

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