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Milk & Dairy Test 

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This test covers a wide range of dairy products including cow’s milk, goat’s milk, kefir, yoghurt, cream, lactose and more. This test can show which types of dairy your body can and cannot tolerate.


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Key Features

Finger prick blood sample

Includes popular dairy products

18 items tested

7 working day turnaround

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How to use our
Home Blood Test Kit

About This Test

The Dairy Test covers more than 15 items from Dairy Food Panels.​


This test will not only identify dairy as a whole, but also specific items such as different types of cheese, cow’s milk, goats milk, yoghurt, etc. Dairy intolerance has become very common due to many products being more heavily processed. It is therefore important to check whether you may suffer from an intolerance, given that dairy is such a staple part of our diets.

Dairy or Milk intolerances are often confused with having a lactose intolerance. They are actually two separate types of allergens. People who have an intolerance to dairy can suffer from a number of symptoms such as hives, upset stomach, vomiting, bloody stools, severe rashes etc. These symptoms can occur because the body acts as though the proteins in the dairy are invaders, thus proceeding to attack these proteins with antibodies. This immune response causes the symptoms to occur, and a lot of the time people will conclude that they have a lactose intolerance, when really it is a dairy intolerance that has far more dangerous symptoms.

What is Tested?

The Milk & Dairy Products Panel includes testing intolerances to the following items::

- Cows Milk

- Soft Cheese

- Sour Milk

- Goats Milk

- Hard Cheese

- Hard Cheese

- Sheep Cheese

- Sheeps Milk

- Evaporated Milk

- Cream

- Mare Milk

- Kefir

- Camembert

- Milk Sugar

- Buttermilk

- Lactose

- Yoghurt

- Curd

How to Prepare for the Test

Home Test Kit:

Please ensure your finger prick blood sample is taken at least 2 hours after any food or drink intake (except water). If you are taking any prescription medication, please take your finger prick blood sample at least 3 hours after consuming your medication. 

Why is it Important to get a Milk & Dairy test?

You want a thorough check that covers common everyday dairy foods
You want to see how your eating habits may be affecting your health and lifestyle 
You want to check your intolerance levels
You want an easy and convenient way to check the main food risks that may be affecting you

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We guarantee fast results, putting your mind at ease. Our reports are specially tailored to be understood by anyone and everyone. For some of our test reports we also include further information to help you understand your results better. This will enable you to actively work on your health as you will know exactly what your body needs to get better. See the improvements you can make to your health with simple lifestyle changes .... starting with testing your intolerances.


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