We do not use needles so you needn't worry. Using only a lancet (a small finger prick test), our easy to use blood test kit is a simple and convenient method for taking your blood sample from the comfort of your own home.  

Taking your Blood Sample

What's in the kit?

Our home kit contains everything you need to complete your finger prick blood test:

  • Instructions

  • Disinfectant wipe

  • Lancet

  • Blood Collection Pad

  • Plaster

  • Declaration Form

  • Return Envelope 

A home blood test kit is included in the price of all of our tests. 

Its a convenient method for taking your blood sample, as you're in control of when and where it happens meaning there's no need for any inconvenient appointments. 

We'll send you everything you need to take your sample in the post, including a blood collection guide. Below, there is also a video and instructional step by step guide to assist you further.

Once you've taken your sample, simply post it back to the lab in the pre-paid envelope* ... its that easy.

How to take your Blood Sample - Instructional Video

See the video below for a basic instructional guide

How to take your Blood Sample - Step by Step guide

See the instructions below for a step by step guide


Wipe Finger

Wipe your chosen finger with the disinfectant tissue provided.



Prepare Pad

Open and prepare the
blood collection pad. 


Twist Lancet

Then take the lancet and hold the device from the sides and twist the cap anti clockwise to unlock. 


Position & press


Gently place the lancet platform on the side of your finger. Then, press the trigger button


Collect Blood

Collect 2-3 droplets on the blood collection pad



Clean your fingertip and bandage as necessary



Place the pad back into the pouch . Fill out the form provided with your details



Place your form and your allergy pouch into the return envelope and send it back to us



Your results will be emailed and posted to you.