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Our Best Value Test Packages

Essential Test

over 150 items
Our Essential Test Package covers the main staple foods that we have in our diet. We test for a wide selection of food categories including wheat, grains, dairy products, meat, fish, nuts, fruits and much more ...
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Advanced Test

over 270 items
The Advanced Test Package includes the all of the Essential Test items as well as going further into the chemicals, food preservatives, colourings, e-numbers etc. 
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Comprehensive Test

over 400 items
Our best-selling package gives you a comprehensive overview of all potential intolerances, food and non-food. Along with the Advanced test items, this test includes environmental factors such as pollen, animals, fibres, perfume contents etc.
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Comprehensive results - Taken from just a small finger prick blood sample 

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Results sent to you by email and post

We guarantee fast results, putting your mind at ease. Our reports are specially tailored to be understood by anyone and everyone. For some of our test reports we also include further information to help you understand your results better. This will enable you to actively work on your health as you will know exactly what your body needs to get better. See the improvements you can make to your health with simple lifestyle changes .... starting with testing your intolerances.

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Popular Individual Tests

Wheat, Gluten & Grains 

Many common foods are made with wheat, including bread, pasta, cracker, cookies, cakes, pastries, cereals and some types of flour. Symptoms often appear immediately upon ingestion, but can sometimes take from a minute to days to manifest.
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Milk & Dairy 

Many people who have wheat and dairy intolerances suffer from abdominal pain, diarrhea, psoriasis, etc. This test will tell you exactly which types of dairy your body cannot tolerate
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Nuts & Soya 

Nuts and Soy are the two most common types of food people have intolerances to. They are found in numerous products and widely available. This test is for those who believe they may suffer from an intolerance to nuts or soya. 
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5,000 reports

over 5,000 online test results delivered

We have over 5 years experience of  providing allergy / intolerance tests to our customers

400 items

including food & non food items

From food items to e-numbers, pollen to pets and animals , we have the test for you.

35 countries

served across the world

Even if you are on the other side of the world, simply send us your sample and we can have you tested

17,000 devices

being used around the world

The devices we use are fully ISO/EU certified and are being used around the world by labs and clinics.

Should I be Vegan?

over 30 items
Some people may have intolerances to all kinds of dairy and meat altogether, in which case the most suitable option for them would be to adopt a vegan diet so they can reach optimum health. This test will look at all the most common types of meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy, etc.
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Thinking of Going Vegan?

Test your wellness to help you see if you are experiencing any side effects from consuming animal products ... and thus consider switching to a Vegan diet.

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